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You'll never have to go without HD again

Some other repair shops and manufacturers require you to send your TV to them and wait weeks for repairs. You can't afford to wait that long! With the television repair services of Randy's TV & Electronic Service, you'll always get the fast, friendly, and affordable service you need, Our licensed and authorized technicians will repair your TV on-site when possible.

We're authorized to service:

    •    Hitachi

    •    Mitsubishi

    •    Magnavox

    •    Phillips

    •    Toshiba



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Affordable repair service

Having your TV serviced by authorized technicians has never been so simple! When you have your TV repaired by our technicians, you can rest assured that you'll get both fast repairs and low costs.

Our service call response time is 24 hours or less!

Got another make or model of TV? Bring it in and we'll take care of it! We service all makes and models of TVs and specialize in plasma and LCD TVs.

    •    Sharp

    •    Emerson

    •    LG

    •    Zenith

    •    And more!

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